Catalogue Raisonné

We are not currently working on a Catalogue Raisonné (CR) project. As we continue to sort through the volumes of material that help to more specifically define Rivers’ protean talent, we may be able to choose an appropriate format to address the concerns of a comprehensive Larry Rivers CR. However at his time we are only informally gathering information.

We estimate that Larry Rivers made over 3500 original works of art. We have documented and assigned reference numbers to many of these works. While we haven’t instituted a formal compilation process designed to focus on Rivers’ paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures and limited editions, we do encourage anyone who owns a work by Larry Rivers to contact us, either through this Website by clicking on the email link, or by conventional mail, sent to our PO Box, indicating “Attention Catalogue Raisonné”.

By sending us information regarding the Larry Rivers work in your collection we will either be able update our records or potentially create a new entry in our database. This information can be helpful for several reasons including the potential to assist with our research or help locate works for inquiries seeking possible loans for exhibitions. All of the information that you send us is for our in-house use only. We do not provide contact info to anyone without prior authorization from the contact to do so.



The board of Directors, Larry Rivers Foundation


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